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“Ahinsa” is the Sanskrit/Hindi word for “Nonviolence”.

Accordingly, this Blog seeks to pursue nonviolence as a positive force. It is dedicated to the people who have practiced, who practice and who will practice nonviolence. It is dedicated as much to Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, as it is to hundreds of others known or not so known nonviolence practitioners, and to you, you and you – ordinary people with not so ordinary vision and belief in the strength of nonviolence in your social, cultural, economic and political lives.

So, we all believe in nonviolence and yet continue to seek ways to strengthen this belief.

Strengthening is important because in our everyday lives we are also very vulnerable. There are countless moments – moments of despair, doubt and helplessness when anger and violence seem the most appropriate, easy or natural response; and then we become violent, as much towards others as towards our own selves.

In its seeking, this Blog “yesnonviolence” hopes to look both inwards and outwards, give strength to others and take strength from others; hear and learn from one another’s experiences and observations, from your hopes, from your rejection of violence. The Blog, we hope, will ultimately become a repository of common people’s concern and engagement with nonviolence at various levels.

So, let us together say “YES TO NONVIOLENCE”, and pray and hope that in our collective pursuit we are able to find a way to our answers, to a path that brings peace to ourselves and others.


About Biju Negi

A writer. Working on small farmers' issues, food and agriculture concerns; and peace and nonviolence. Inspiration - Gandhi and Kabir, the poet.
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