Voices on Nonviolence

Bill Moyers interviews Grace Lee Boggs.

Bill Moyers: The war in Vietnam continued another seven years after Martin Luther King’s historic speech at the Riverside here in New York on 4 April 1967. His moral argument did not take home with the powers that be.

Grace Lee Boggs: I don’t expect the moral arguments to take home with the powers that be. They are in this business of power. They are part of the system; they are part of the problem.

Bill Moyers: Then, do moral arguments have any force, if they can be so heedlessly ignored?

Grace Lee Boggs: I think this is because we depend too much on the government to do it. I think we are not looking sufficiently at what is happening at the grassroots in the country. We have not emphasized sufficiently the cultural revolution that we have to make among ourselves in order to force the government to do differently. Things do not start with governments. The positive changes that leap forward in the evolution of the humankind do not start with governments.

For more, link to the following to listen to these compelling voice on nonviolence:



About Biju Negi

A writer. Working on small farmers' issues, food and agriculture concerns; and peace and nonviolence. Inspiration - Gandhi and Kabir, the poet.
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